8 Smashing Ebook Bundle The Essential Coding for Web Design

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Coding for Web Design Smashing Books Bundle includes:

CSS Essentials (281 pages)
These days many developers are jumping on the JavaScript bandwagon for performance. And for good reason. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore CSS. There are plenty of incredibly useful applications for CSS, and this eBook runs down the best of the bunch, including:
Using pseudo-elements in CSS
Decoupling your CSS from the HTML
Using CSS layouts with columns of equal height
Advanced CSS selectors
The good and bad of using CSS Sprites
Mastering site backgrounds in CSS
The all-important Z-Index CSS property
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Mastering CSS3 (251 pages)
CSS is so flexible that developers are continually discovering new practical uses for it every day. Get a look at the most-recent CSS techniques to improve your Web design. Specific topics include:
Comparing CSS3 and CSS in terms of speed
A solid overview of advanced CSS3 pseudo-calsses
Explaining why and how to incorporate CSS3 Flexible Box Layout in your design
Delving into the third dimension with CSS 3D Transforms
How to make your site move with CSS Animation
Keeping older browser in mind when developing with CSS3
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Responsive Design (160 pages)
Responsive Design are the biggest buzz words going around these days. Flexibility in design for different devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.) is pretty much a necessity nowadays, and this eBook give a solid overview of what Responsive Web Design is, along with some of the best approaches to take with it. You’ll learn:
How to best use Responsive Web Design
Progressive navigation techniques through responsive design
Tips and best practices for degrading media queries
Prototyping your content with a responsive design
Taking a Device-Agnostic Approach in your responsive design
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HTML Essentials (106 pages)
The very cornerstone of Web Design, HTML is a necessary tool in any designer’s toolbox. With informative lessons from this eBook, you’ll learn a variety of bulletproof HTML techniques, culminating in your successful coding of HTML layouts from scratch. Specific topics include:
Why you need to be using HTML5 today
How to decouple HTML from CSS
Coding an HTML5 layout completely from scratch
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Mastering HTML5 (93 pages)
Looking to advance your knowledge of HTML5? Then this eBook was made for you. Learn the latest and greatest techniques for using HTML5 to optimize your programming. Learn topics including:
Separate fact from fiction in regards to HTML5
Using local storage on various websites
How HTML5 canvas can optimize your images
The ability to sync HTML5 video with any other content
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HTML Semantics (71 pages)
Semantics play a critical role in coding and this resourceful eBook delves into the very nature of HTML5 semantics. Achieve a solid foundation of understanding HTML semantics through a variety of lessons including:
An overview of HTML5 semantics
Creating page layouts through the semantic grid system
HTML5 and the importance of the document outlining algorithm
Pursuing semantic value and whether it’s pointless or not
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JavaScript Essentials (142 pages)
Learning JavaScript can be a bit overwhelming, considering the numerous applications it has. That’s where this eBook comes into play, as it narrowing things down to just the JavaScript Essentials. Learn about such topics as:
Little-known JavaScript secrets
The biggest mistakes and misuses of JavaScript
Using the math of animations with JavaScript
How AJAX can easily let you create searchable dynamic content
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Mastering jQuery (122 pages)
A concise JavaScript library, jQuery is great for event handling, animation creation, and all sorts of AJAX interactions. It really can speed up your Web development but knowing which plugins or patterns to use can be a real challenge. This eBook breaks it all down in various topics including:
The confusing parts of jQuery
How jQuery and PHP GD can manipulate imagery
Creating bookmarklets with simple jQuery
An overview of popular jQuery plugins and the patterns to look for
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