4 Free Web Chat Application

I was researching an internal chat system for Idea Lounge MantelApp collaboration tools when I came across what looks like a feasible chat system. Comet Chat. It is self hosted and feature Facebook Like chat that sits at the bottom screen. There is just one problem $1097 price tag. Something that I cannot afford and I am sure the company cannot afford, considering the bootstrap nature of Idea Lounge. So, I research other web chat application that are free. I found 4 that looks promising :

Blueimp’s AJAX Chat


AJAX Chat is a free and fully customizable open source web chat implemented in JavaScript, PHP and MySQL which integrates nicely with common forum systems like phpBB, MyBB, PunBB, SMF and vBulletin.

This chat application is integrated into a lot of forums. A very good sign. And according to Web Resources Depot, it supports voice chat.

Candy Chat

candy-chat-screenshot* Focused on real-time multi-user chatting → Screenshot & Demo
* Easy to configure, easy to run, easy to use → Setup & Usage
* Highly customizable → Plugins & Event Hooks
* 100% well-documented JavaScript source code → API Documentation
* Built for Jabber (XMPP), using famous technologies → Under The Hood
* Used and approved in a productive environment with up to 400 concurrent users → About Candy
* Works with all major web browsers including IE7

It has an API, so integration should be smooth. It does require a Jabber server though. The design reminds me of IRC chatrooms. 400 concurrent users sure sounds impressive.

Mia Chat

Mia-Chat* Simple setup
* Ease of use
* Platform independent
* Browser agnostic (aims to support the same browsers as jQuery)
* Support for multiple database platforms

I like the platform independent and browser agnostic capability.


converse.js-screenshotConverse.js is a web based XMPP/Jabber instant messaging client.

It enables you to add chat functionality to your website, independent of any specific backend. You will however need an XMPP server to connect to, either your own, or a public one.

So far, this is the best I find. It is in pure Javascript, no server-side code required. It does require a Jabber server though.


Hope you find them useful and help you in implementing a web-based chat application in your website / application.

Share other web chat application or your thoughts in the comment section below.