3 Reason to Use Test Driven Development

refactoring-workflowAfter covering the basic of Test Driven Development in my previous post “What is Test Driven Development ?“, today, I am going to give 3 reasons to use it in your next project.

1. Direct Integration of Unit Testing

By writing the test case first, unit testing are built into the system. Project leader no longer need to worry that the developer will forget to write the test code.

2. Application worked as intended

In test driven development, due to its iterative testing, especially when a new code is written, the application worked as intended.

3. No excess code

With refactoring built in, the code are simple and economical. The code is improved with every update to the code. So, adding new features will not break the code.

Those are my 3 reasons. Can you think of more reasons ? Please share in the comment section below.