PHP Role in Web Development

A lot of non-technical people thinks that PHP is everything used in web development. But, that is not the case. PHP is only a bridge between data and presentation layer. The presentation layer is HTML and CSS. The data can be text, numbers images or binary data stored in database or as a file. PHP acts as a transport and […]

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Comments in Code, A Necessity ?

A lot of developers write code and do not put comments in their code. Is comments in code necessary ? Well, to me it is necessary. Why ? Because even when I am the only one who writes the code, when I visited it 2 years later, I do not have a clue of what the code is doing. So, […]

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Thinking in Objects

Object Oriented Programming (OOP) is something that is commonplace. PHP, since version 5 have fully embraced OOP. Even today, I am not sure I have enough knowledge of OOP. But, here is what I understand about thinking in objects: Functional programming is about functions. Most of the time function libraries are mapped to a table on the database. At least […]

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