MarvelApp Turns Design Into Code

Technology sure make life a whole lot easier. There is now a tool that can turn an image to prototype code. It is called MarvelApp. Definitely a useful prototyping tool to have if you are a designer who does not want to do any coding. Or if you want a quick look at what a design will look like once […]

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Understanding OAuth : The Idea

OAuth is used by big internet companies around the world to give access to their API. If you are developing applications for Google, Twitter, Facebook, you will encounter OAuth when developing your apps. So, what exactly is OAuth ? A great illustration for this is the Valet Key for the Web from Eran Hammer-Lahav : “Many luxury cars come with a […]

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Mobile Trend in Development

Research indicates that Mobile Trend is accelerating and shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. A recent article on Forbes “7 Ways Mobile Will Change Business In 2014” strengthens this sign. What does this means in the world of web development ? One, there will be a move towards cloud applications. Businesses find that as cloud applications matures, it makes […]

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